It's time to move on from that leaking, expensive, and tired air-cooled VW motor! No longer are the days of expensive and complicated fuel injection motor systems! OEM reliable fuel injection systems are in REACH. Did you know that GM built over 4 million 2.4L LE5 Ecotec's from 2006 to 2009? That's right - over 4 MILLION.

So what does that mean to you, the customer? It means that finding a low mileage LE5 2.4L Ecotec is as easy as picking up the phone. It also means that the LE5 2.4L Ecotec offers you an EXTREME VALUE for your money. The term "Dime a Dozen" fits here nicely. Parts are affordable and readily available at your local Autozone or NAPA.

The LE5 is a larger 2.4 L—2,384 cc (145.5 cu in)—version of the Ecotec. Both the 88 mm (3.5 in) bore and 98 mm (3.9 in) stroke are larger, and Variable Valve Timing [VVT] on the intake and exhaust improve low-end torque. Compression is 10.4:1. Power is 164-177 hp (123-132 kW) and torque is 159-170 lb·ft (215-230 N·m). The engine uses a reinforced "Gen II" block. The LE5 is a true 175 HP out-of-the-box solution.

The 2.4L Ecotec is the motor of choice in off-road applications at AFI. Here is why:

* The cost difference between the 2.2L L61 is negligible.
* The 2.4L LE5 offers more displacement
* The 2.4L LE5 supports VVT
* The 2.4L LE5 supports Electronic Throttle Body
* The 2.4L LE5 uses the 'reinforced' GM GEN II block [the same block as the LSJ/LNF]
* The early production [2006-2007] 2.4L LE5's are BOOST READY w/ Mahle hypereutectic aluminum pistons, forged rods, & nodular iron crankshafts
* The 2.4L LE5 has targeted oil jets to cool pistons
* The 2.4L LE5 has a higher flowing intake manifold [than the L61]
* The 2.4L LE5 uses 58X crankshaft position sensing
* The 2.4L LE5 uses digital crankshaft & camshaft position sensors
* The 2.4L LE5 uses an individual coil on plug ignition system
* The 2.4L LE5 uses the vastly superior 32-bit E67 ECM

So why buy an Ecotec engine from AFI? AFI does all the work for you. What we do at AFI is provide a value to you. We believe customers of AFI appreciate a known source, and above all else, appreciate a quality product. We go above and beyond, when you choose AFI with your Ecotec engine you are getting:

  1. Bench tested [compression & leak-down]
  2. Known low mileage
  3. Cleaned & race prepped
  4. All not needed accessories/sensors are removed
  5. All needed sensors are present!
  6. All things Ecotec experts at your disposal!

AFI STAGE 5 Ecotec Combo's come with the following accessories:

  1. AFI 2.4 Ecotec VVT Engine w/ all needed sensors, USED crate engine equivalent, bench tested, race prepped, cleaned, assembled, and AFI QC
  2. AFI Stand-Alone Engine Harness & OE ECM System, OBD2 compliant, configured for electronic drive by wire throttle
  3. All needed electronic sensors [coils, cam sensors, knock sensor, VVT, etc.], fuel rail & injectors
  4. AFI Billet Adapter Plate & Flywheel [8" or 9"]
  5. AFI Drive By Wire Pedal
  6. AFI Intake Air Temp. Sensor [needed for harness]
  7. AFI Billet water neck block off
  8. AFI Billet -6AN fuel rail adapter
  9. AFI Billet Oil Pressure relocation kit
  10. GM 120 AMP Alternator
  11. Gates Micro-V Serpentine Belt
  12. AFI Stainless Exhaust Header w/ 3 bolt flange, gaskets, & hardware
  13. AFI Walbro Fuel pump [supports 65 PSI] and -6AN fuel fittings
  14. Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator w/ -6AN fuel fittings
  15. Russel Fuel Filters -6AN, before and after fuel pump [2 filters]
  16. AFI Custom Intake w/ Filter & IAT Bung, couplers, clamps & hardware
  17. AFI Custom Aluminum Ecotec Radiator w/ Aluminum Fan Shroud & Dual 12" Fans
  18. All parts & accessories installed!

AFI's Stage 5 kit includes EVERYTHING you need to swap from your VW, Subaru or V6! Simply plumb your fuel and water system, turn the key and go!

These go fast!! Please call or email with questions!