AFI's 2.2L L61 Ecotec complete engine harness & ECM is the easiest way to make your Ecotec swap SIMPLE!

The AFI engine harnesses are built in the USA - they are built right here in Detroit, Michigan - the manufacturing capital of the world. Our harness utilizes all NEW components and Automotive TXL wire - these harnesses are NOT re-vamped stock harnesses. We manufacturer these to OEM Automotive standards which include PPAP testing. This harness is for a stock 2.2L L61 Ecotec IE; stock throttle body [cable pull], stock injectors, stock MAP sensor, O2 sensor, stock alternator, etc.

All AFI off-road tunes are Speed Density and therefore this harness system does not require the use of a mass air flow sensor. However, the IAT sensor in most 5 pin GM MAF sensors are integrated. So, we utilize an external IAT sensor [available for purchase] and advise mounting the sensor as close to the TB as possible. We can supply you with intake kits suited to proper IAT sensor placement and/or answer any questions you may have.

This system will work with all 2.2L L61 Ecotecs running the 7x reluctor wheel [Pre-2006] with the single coil pack [plate style] and cable pull throttle body. This harness will not work on the 2.2 VVT or 2.2 with individual coils.

This system comes with a full plug schematic and all connectors are labeled.

The specifications are as follow:

  • Automotive TXL Wire
  • Genuine Molex and/or Delphi connectors
  • All blunt cut wires are clearly labeled [oil pressure gauge, water temp gauge, etc.]
  • Techflex expandable sleeving
  • MIL-STD environmental tight relay pack and fuse holder

Please see our variants for purchase information. Call 734.794.3082 or email for more information!