AFI Ecotec High HP EFI Fuel System


AFI has developed an EFI fuel system to suit your off-road needs with fuel delivery that will support 450 RWHP! Our kit includes all you need to properly plumb your fuel system. We can also build custom length hoses for those that need more than what is provided.

The AFI off-road fuel system turns your 2.4L return-less fuel system into a 'return' type. An AFPR [adjustable fuel pressure regulator] in a return style system helps tremendously in making tuning safer and easier. In addition, return style systems, are easier on fuels pumps because there isn't the surging associated with a dead head system. Return systems actually keep the overall temperature of the fuel cooler because fuel waiting to be burned isn't sitting in the engine bay or fuel rail heat soaking. What fuel isn't used by the injectors gets sent back to the tank where it gets a chance to cool down before making the trip back up to the engine again. All High HP and Performance systems are based on return-style.

The AFI system includes:

  • EFI fuel pump & wiring [Feed -8AN, return -6AN]. Supports 450RWHP
  • AFPR w/ liquid filled gauge [rising rate 1:1]
  • All -6AN fittings, adapters, and lines [let us know if you want to keep the -8AN feed]
  • -6AN in-line fuel filter