AFI is one of the leading Ecotec-based computer tuners in the country!  We can custom-tune your ECM based on your modifications and performance goals.  We have 15 years of tuning experience on chassis dyno's for proven performance and maximum drive-ability! Thousands of research, development, and fine tuning hours have been poured into our tunes.
This is the AFI Performance tuning package specifically calibrated for AIRBOAT & MARINE use and the 2.4L LE5 Ecotec This tune covers all your BOLT-ON modifications. We require you to send your ECM in for reprogramming. Don't want the downtime? Don't have a core to send? We have lots of these ECM's in stock. Include a $100 core charge and we'll send a custom calibrated ECM to you and keep yours as a spare. Our performance tuning for the 2006-2007 LE5 typically yields 10-15hp [on a completely stock motor], as well as better part throttle response and off-road drive-ability. We see upwards of 20-30hp on our tunes with a typical bolt-on modified motor [header & intake] w/ high octane fuel. This tune specifically utilizes the Monte Carlo pedal - YOU MUST use a Monte Carlo pedal with this tune. We have found they are a MUCH better option for off-road use. Have questions? Email us!
In many instances, we will be able to tune and ship your ECM the same day that it arrives!  When you send your ECM to us, please include a complete modifications list that is downloadable here. With any of our mail-order tunes, you will also receive ONE YEAR OF FREE TECH SUPPORT!  Within one calendar year of your original tuning purchase, we will perform any tuning changes for free of charge!  All you will have to pay for are the applicable shipping fees! 
Have questions? Shoot us an email at!