LSAlpha 430 CI LSA



Here is a new 430CI LSAlpha. Designed for the hardcore enthusiast who wants big reliable power without the big price-tag! This motor will make 800HP and 850TQ which will pound your competition. 

We started with a new GM LS3 block. Torque plate honed. Inside you’ll find a fully forged K1 4.125 stroke crank shaft, K1 forged H-Beam 6.125 rods, and Forged Wiseco 4.070 pistons - all balanced. Compression is set at 10.5.1. All new bearings, seals, ZL1 oil pump and water pump. ZL1 headgaskets, ARP mains and ARP head studs. Custom supercharger grind COMP cam, and Trend Performance push rods.

On top of this monster you’ll find a ported and polished ZL1 Supercharger Snout with ZL1 Lid and Trick Flow CNC GENX 255 cylinder heads, complete with stainless valves, dual springs and titanium retainers! Holley tall valve covers finish it up.

This LSA has an Ultimate Performance & Design (UPD) 10” overdrive crank pulley And UPD billet 5 piece high performance idler kit. The LSA supercharger has a modular pulley system installed with a ZZP 2.7 upper pulley. It should make ~16 lbs of boost.

Billet goodies include CBM AN thermostat housing and water pump fitting.

Fuel comes from ID1000 injectors.

Give us a call 734.794.3082 ext 1 for custom options!

[Headers pictured are not included]